Welcome to the land of Sur!

Surreal Estate is a non-fungible token (NFT) game where you can own and develop your land in the virtual country of Sur. The governance token of the game is SURREAL ESTATE DOLLAR or SURD.

How to Play

Here are the four (4) types of land that you can own and develop into your cash cow:

Agricultural Land

where you can grow and sell crops and livestock

Industrial Parks

where you can build factories and manufacture essential goods

Commercial Zones

where you can build business empires and lease ad spaces to real-world companies and brand advertisers

Residential Disticts

where you can develop properties and sell to new landlords

How to Earn

There are two (2) ways on how to earn profit and make real money in the land of Sur:


Get to choose any type of land that you want to buy and develop into a money making asset


Work for the landlords and help them develop and manage their real estate assets in exchange of salary, incentive, and profit share.

Oh! By the way, any amount of in-game currency that you make in Sur is 1:1 with Philippine Peso

Yes, what you make in Sur, you also make in real life!


Token Name: Surreal Estate Dollar
Symbol: SURD
Decimal: 18
Fixed Supply: 10,000,000

Team: 15% (1 Year Locked)
Advisors: 5%
Private Sale: 10%
IDO: 15%
Liquidity Provision: 20%
Locked Tokens: 35% (1 Year Locked)

Private Sale
1,000,000 SURD
25 PHP = 1 SURD

1,500,000 SURD
First Round: 40 PHP = 1 SURD (500,000 SURD)
Second Round: 50 PHP = 1 SURD (500,000 SURD)
Third Round: 70 PHP = 1 SURD (500,000 SURD)​

SURD Contract Address:

The Founder of Surreal Estate

Christian Albert Soriano Gaza AKA Xian Gaza is a famous Filipino social media personality, businessman, and a convicted white-collar criminal.
He is known for his exposés about investment scams, revolutionary business ideas, and for being an inspiration to his fellow Filipinos who are experiencing the harsh realities of life.
Christian Albert Gaza was born on 05 July 1993 in Malabon, Philippines. Born out of wedlock and extramarital affair, Gaza grew with his maternal grandparents who extralegally adopted him and raised him as their own. At a very young age, he started to understand the value of money. Hence, he started saving money out of his school allowance until he managed to open his very own bank account.
Knowing that money is essential to living in this world, a very young Gaza launched his first-ever business venture – a breeder of hamsters and guinea pigs. He did all this by brokering a deal with a local pet store in his hometown, Malabon City. Part of his business goal was to be able to give back to his grandparents and to give them a comfortable life.
It took 16 years before Gaza was finally able to meet his biological father. For some people, it may be a very emotional event. But for him, forced to be aware early of the realities of the world, that emotional day of finally meeting his biological father was just a normal day for a 16-year-old Christian Albert Gaza.
Gaza studied at the Far Eastern University, after failing to pass the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT). There, he studied Political Science and became part of a university-wide political organization that is a shadow force behind the FEU student government, until he decided to drop out in 2012 to pursue his calling of becoming a businessman.
At the age of 17, he joined a multi-level marketing company, where he earned hundreds of thousands of pesos and was able to buy his first car. But one day, all his efforts, hard works, dreams, and hard-earned money, together with his childhood savings went down the drain when he fell victim to a pyramid scam. It was a very devastating and depressing blow to Gaza who was now introduced to a world full of lies and deceit.
But that did not stop Gaza from pursuing his end goal. Instead, he used the experience as fuel to his fire. At 18 years of age, Gaza started building his own business. Having a good reputation as a Student Entrepreneur, he was able to convince two business partners to invest almost Php 3 million to kickstart his mini-movie theater and coffee shop business in Malabon City.
In only 2 years since he started his own business, and at a very young age of 20, he became Chairman and CEO of his own company, with 3 corporations and 8 local businesses under his name. He was able to pool funds from over 20 investors, making his net worth over Php 10 million.
Having everything happened so fast, Gaza was not able to fully acquire the experience needed on how to properly handle and manage his businesses. Thus, life took a 180º turn against him. Gaza's self-made empire went bankrupt and his grandparents had to salvage him from a financial downfall by using their life savings to pay for the gargantuan debts owed to his investors.
At the end of it all, Gaza was still confident that he can prove to his grandparents that there is no room for negativity in his journey to success. In an attempt to start all over again, he took refuge in Davao City, hoping that things will turn for the better. With a new environment plus his wild appetite for success, he opened multiple businesses there: T-shirt For a Cause, Network Marketing Company, Virtual Assistant Firm, and Real Estate Corporation. But sadly, the odds were still not in his favor and Gaza took another downfall.
Despite all of his bad experiences and bad business affairs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts started noticing Gaza. They wanted him to share his accomplishments and failures to guide and inspire entrepreneurs and young professionals. This opportunity opened a lot of doors for Gaza to build his reputation in the world of social media.
In July 2017, Gaza invited Erich Gonzales, a Filipina actress, for a coffee date through an expensive billboard advertisement. This made him the talk of the town as it was an instant hit on all social media platforms. Sweet and romantic as it may seem, some people on social media described the effort as creepy and manipulative. Later on, Erich declined his offer.
This initiative may seem like a failure to other people, but to Gaza, it was mission accomplished, as it helped him cement his name and footing in the social media world.
After the massive publicity caused by the Coffee Date Billboard, different personalities began to surface on social media and numerous media outlets alleging Christian Albert Gaza was a scammer, con artist, and a fake businessman.
In 2018, The Malabon Metropolitan Trial Court ruled that Christian Albert Gaza was guilty on 11 counts of B.P. 22 Anti-Bouncing Check Law with 5 ½ years jail sentence plus Php 2.1 million litigation cost, which resulted in Gaza being put behind bars. But all thanks to his friends, he was able to post bail the following day.
Losing hope from the sudden turn of events, Gaza did what he thought was necessary: "to fight back". He recorded a video exposé about a notorious Bitcoin syndicate that is operating an investment scam in the Philippines. The video spread like wildfire and it got the attention of multiple news and media outlets, and at the same time, getting the ire of the Bitcoin syndicate and offered a bounty on his head.
On the 30th of September, 2018, with outstanding court cases and a bounty on his head, Gaza left the country with only USD 400 in his pocket, a shattered mindset, a hopeless disposition, and a blank face. When his plane landed in Hong Kong, he said to himself: “In 2-3 years, I will become a multimillionaire".
But life is not always rainbows and butterflies. When Gaza moved to Vietnam the following month, he hit rock-bottom and had to sell bottled water and toothpicks to tourists, for him to buy food and to continue to the next day. His struggle went from bad to worse at the start of 2019, when he lost all of his money and had to live in a USD 4 hostel in Vietnam. Setting aside his pride and ego, he asked his friends from the Philippines for some cash to aid him in his day-to-day survival. He called this particular event in his life a "well-deserved karma".
He lost a tremendous amount of weight, suffered depression, and his daily survival was at the mercy of his friends in the Philippines who were giving him financial assistance. All these sufferings made him sick, and luckily enough, a Facebook follower In Hanoi, Vietnam took care of him for 3 weeks until he recovered.
Living on a prayer, Gaza was finally heard by the gods when he received a phone call from a representative of an agri-farm to use his social media influence to put down a competitor by releasing a video exposé about its investment scam for USD 2,000. Knowing how the game works, he then contacted the competitor farm disclosing the video exposé plan of the other party. In return, they made a counteroffer of USD 5,000 to instead release a video against the agri-farm who approached him, to which Gaza agreed.
Later on, he brought another poultry farm investment scam into the limelight which resulted in losing millions of pesos in sales. To avoid further damage, the firm paid Gaza USD 40,000 to take down all of his Facebook posts.
In the same year of 2019, he received yet another call, but this time from the other side of the world – from a very influential family in South America. From then on, Gaza started to work his way back as a businessman through real estate, which also led to the birth of his new empire, Sindicato Cristiano. Because of his partnership and business dealings with the mentioned influential family and other Latino counterparts, Gaza was able to travel to more than 20 countries.
During Sindicato Cristiano's launch, it was disclosed to the public that it is not a legitimate company, but a Ponzi scheme that is being handled by the National Scammer of the Philippines, Christian Albert Gaza himself.
Despite the public distrust and the investment scam alert issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Gaza's loyal followers, especially those touched by his inspirational journey, chose to trust his new business endeavor and started investing their hard-earned money.
Though Gaza enjoyed the support that he is getting from the public, he realized the importance of becoming a legitimate businessman and how it would help him avoid being hassled by the authorities in the Philippines.
In July 2020, Gaza met with his Facebook follower turned friend in Singapore, the same Facebook follower who took care of him during his Vietnam ordeal, to discuss a new business idea. Hence, the birth of Xian Coin (XNC) – the first and only asset-backed centralized cryptocurrency in the world. In the first 10 months since its launching, Xian Coin was selling like hotcakes and it generated a total sales of Php 48 million from more than 4,700 buyers.
And Gaza did not stop there. To help support the growth of Xian Coin, part of its proceeds were used to establish Philippine Pacific Holdings Co., Ltd. (PHPH). It serves as the parent holding company for his real estate properties, businesses, and all other companies.
To maximize the earnings from Xian Coin, Gaza launched Yuki Entertainment Co., Ltd. Thailand (YECLT), to serve as the venture capital arm of his Philippine Pacific Group.
The first company funded by YECLT was TMT Manila Bay Sands online casino in Malaysia. For the first 6 months since its inception, it generated Php 20 million gross revenue. Because of the company's ability to generate massive income in a short period, Gaza decided to use part of TMT's earnings to support and sustain the operating expenses of his other companies.
In August 2021, Gaza made a partnership with Good Drama Co., Ltd. By CEO Turk Kaljareuk of Kantana Group, and together they launched NYAEM Streaming Platform (Thai Flix Co., Ltd.) – the first and only all-Thai streaming platform that subscribers get to enjoy for free. The projected valuation of this tech company is estimated to reach up to USD 200 million in 2025.
On the lighter side of things, aside from exposing investment scams, Gaza is also known for his much-awaited video exposés in the world of social media and Philippine show business. Wanting to reach more people, he launched his very own entertainment and gossip app, ISYUS(.)COM. It is the “Facebook of Tsismis (gossip)” where users are given exclusive access to the hottest and latest social media and showbiz gossip at the palm of their hands. From vloggers, social media personalities, to showbiz A-listers, ISYUS(.)COM has it all covered even before it trends. Being competitive as ever, Gaza is focused on making his app the leading entertainment and gossip portal in the Philippines.
With the popularity of Play2Earn NFT games in the Philippines, Gaza being a great opportunist that he is, came up with yet another business idea – to launch his own Play2Earn NFT game. The game is called Surreal Estate and will be launched by mid-2022 in the whole of Southeast Asia. The company is majority-owned and controlled by both YECLT and PHPH and the game development will be bankrolled by XNC. On its land pre-selling stage, Gaza and his group are looking to generate a whopping sale of more than Php 3 billion.
Today, at the age of 28, Christian Albert Gaza is the Chairman of Philippine Pacific Group and the CEO of Yuki Entertainment Co., Ltd. Thailand. He is still releasing exposés, inspiring and educating his hundreds of thousands of followers about the ups and downs of both his business journey and personal life, and most especially, continues to think of more revolutionary business ideas that would help him achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a billionaire.
On the personal side of things, he is a father to two biological children from his past relationships. In his free time, he enjoys making fun of current events and online personalities on social media and Philippine show business.
As of this writing, Gaza's net worth is valued at USD 10 million or Php 500 million.
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